Dr. Majid Kazemi Nejad
  • "NLP Master, IN"
  • +989122794588
Dr. Majid Kazemi Nejad

Has achieved "NLP Master, IN" at NLP& Coaching Prof. Omraie by Prof. Dr. Reza Omraie.


  • NLPsych
  • NLP
  • Life
  • Personal
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Conflict
  • Educational
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Project
  • Stress
  • Mental
  • Systemic
  • Hypnosis


Counselor, (PhD)Psychologist, Psychotherapist,  Hypnotherapist, Sex Therapist, NLPist, ISO Auditor ,Doctor Of Business Administration(DBA) & Post(DBA)

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