Dipl. Soz.Päd. & Hypnotrainer (NGH™) Jörg Fuhrmann
  • "NLP Master, IN"
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Dipl. Soz.Päd. & Hypnotrainer (NGH™) Jörg Fuhrmann

Has achieved "NLP Master, IN" at Landsiedel NLP Training by Stephan Landsiedel.


My name is Joerg Fuhrmann. A Near-Death-Experience in my early Ages made me a highly sensitive Person and opened me up for transpersonal Experiences. I needed quite a lot of years on the Spiritual Path, to manifest the Powers within in proper and usefull way. Since 2005 I am leading now the freiraum-Institute (FRI) in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen near Radolfzell and Singen (Baden-Wuerttemberg). Moreover, I as a lecturer at German universities and at Benediktushof - the largest center for spiritual practice of Zen + Contemplation in Europe - operates near Wuerzburg. For many years I have been working as a Trainer for Hypnosis - since 2012 for the world's largest and oldest Hypnosis umbrella organization National Guild of Hypnotists™-Germany and -Switzerland. Currently I also develop a curriculum in Transpersonal Psychology & Trancetherapy, which will be certified by the highest standards in Europe. In my PhD I explore personal crises and mystical experiences. My global education led me in the last 15 years to different therapists, coaches, spiritual teachers and shamans. The most important for me and my humanistic-transpersonal attitude were and are: Prof. Stanislav Grof, Zen Master Willigis Jaeger, Dr. Claudio Naranjo, Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Dr. Tom Holmes and Dr. Steven Gilligan. Trainings: - Currently in doctoral studies (Transpersonal Psychology) - Hypnotherapist / Hypnotrainer (NGH™) - Gestalttherapist (ECP/ WCP/ EAGT) - Transpersonal Therapist (EUROTAS) - Contemplation-Teacher (appointment pending) - Psychodynamic Imaginative Traumatherapy® (PITT) - Systemic Strategic Brief Psychotherapy (MEI) - System Constellations for psychotherapists (IADR) - Hypno-Systemic Sexual-/ Maritaltherapy (MEI) - Seekers After Truth® Level 1-4 (SAT) - Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT) - Advanced Energy Psychology (MEI) - Shamanic Healing - Holotropic Breathwork® (GTT) - PROFILcoaching® Target group: - Individuals - Pairs/ Couples - Managers - Freelancer - Student - Teenagers Work focuses on: - High sensitivity (HSP) - Crises + Transitions - Spiritual Crises - Burnoutprevention - Fears - Trauma - Blockades - Conflicts - Mobbing - Couple counseling - Destructive Love - Smoking Cessation - Weight Reduction - Personal Development - Inner Team / Inner Family - Intergenerational Trauma - Ancestor-Conflicts Dates are possible from Monday to Friday between 11:00 to 21:00 in the Villa Lieb in Stein am Rhein or online/ by phone.

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