Etienne Dubach
  • "NLP Trainer, IN"
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Etienne Dubach

Has achieved "NLP Trainer, IN" at Landsiedel NLP Training by Stephan Landsiedel.


Etienne Dubach developed a career as a successful international working gourmet chef and team leader, until he got to know NLP . He attended basic and advanced courses in NLP and other fields, that drove forward his personal development. Since 2005 he has been specializing in the effect of body language. Nonverbal communication has developed from a hobby into a passion and is now also part of his social work with job seekers. In lectures , seminars and training he trains easy to understand body language tricks. In addition to courses in communication training and conflict prevention / mastery , he also offers training and coaching in non-verbal presentation skills and effective leadership through body language. Etienne Dubach is NLP Master Trainer for DVNLP , Swiss- NLP, INLPTA and NLP Institute. He leads the company "Landsiedel NLP Training Switzerland GmbH" and is the owner of the enterprise "Dubach communication" . In all his professional life, he supportes and guides people with personal coaching and NLP Training. Trainings • NLP Master Trainer for DVNLP / INLPTA / Swiss- NLP and NLP Institute • Coach , DVNLP • Certified Graduate " Michael Grinder Group Dynamics Certification " • SVEB 1 Teacher • certified Job-Trainers Switzerland • Mastery University Graduate • Psychological High-School • Graduated Chef, 10 years of professional experience

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