Prof. Reza Omraie: NLP as a powerful tool in Coaching

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Prof. Dr. Reza Omraie

Prof. Dr. Reza Omraie

"NLP Master Trainer, IN"

ان ال پی به عنوان یک ابزار قدرتمند در کوچینگ

Greetings to all those intrigued by NLP worldwide,

What do we truly understand about NLP? When I first delved into this field, I never imagined its profound utility across all facets of life. After two decades of teaching and applying NLP principles, I continuously uncover new layers of fascination within this discipline, realizing its depth and beauty.

NLP transcends mere business applications; it extends into realms of spirituality and mysticism. From soul healing to personal development, from self-awareness to fulfilling one's life purpose, from fostering inner peace to connecting with the divine, NLP holds immense potential. My hope is for people worldwide, especially the younger generation, to embrace this transformative science. Let us aspire to cultivate a world abundant in love, mutual understanding, and empathy.

Prof. Reza Omraie Psychologist
IN NLP President
ICI President
WHO President
Member Directory of IANLP
Director of the Asia International NLP and Coaching Association
DVNLP Lehrtrainer
Manager of IN NLP Academy

WhatsApp +4917687339084

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