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At our 5th World Congress in Tunisia in March 2019 we decided that our

5. August 2020: Due to Corona we find new dates for the 2 days before and after.Latest news (31 Dec. 2019) optional 2 days before and 2 days after!:9 August: introduction in Mindfulness from Karl Nielsen video10 August: introduction in our new programs in Positive Psychology from Angela Bachfeld14 August: introduction in EmotionSync from Christian Hanisch video15 August: introduction in Social Panorama and Mental Space Psychology from Lucas Derks video

We meet to learn from each other, to exchange marketing best practice and to develop new ideas for international cooperation. In this sense it is as well a great opportunity to plan e.g. trainer trainings together and to invite other trainers to your Institute.We will use the Open Space format so that everyone can bring in his ideas, discuss them with all, and so that we have a documentation at the end as basis for our future development.Our 2 new associations for Mindfulness and for Positive Psychology will be a topic too.Under this link here you find already the first videos from participants about their ideas for discussion.

The roots of our Associations were born in 2001 at a combined 24 days NLP-Trainer and Coach training in Berlin (Germany) where the 7 most experienced NLP Institutes in Berlin who are competitors, were working together. This was the first time that each of the 11 Master Trainers from these 7 Institutes could sit in the training of each of his competitors. Coming from these roots it is our mission and vision to work together and to learn from each other. The new 3 days Master Trainer Meeting takes place in this spirit.

The meeting is organized by Virginie & Philippe with their team from PSYNAPSE. They already organized our 4th IN ICI WHO World Congress in September 2017 in Paris.The date for the Master Trainer Meeting in 11-13 August 2020 was chosen by Virginie & PhilippeAngela BachfeldRichard BolstadSehil TrikiBento AugustoNandana & Karl.Maximum is 70 participants for this event, for the training center of Virginie & Philippe in Paris is limited to 70 participants.A nearby hotel is the Holiday Inn where we had our World Congress in is about 5 minutes walk from the Institute of Virginie and Philippe.

We are already booked out with 70 confirmations from 22 countries from 5 continents(We have opened a waiting list with now 2 waiting position - effective 17 April 2020)Virginie & Philippe (France - 4th World Congress) with Florent Bissiriex (France) + Frank Platzek (France) + Suzanne Platzek (France) + Jean-Charles Caustier (France), Sehil Triki (Tunisia - 5th World Congress) with Habiba Zmerli Triki (Tunisia) + Fatiha Mabrok (Marocco), Bento Augusto (Brazil - 6th World Congress) with Rosana Santana Oliveira (Brazil) + Juliana Pereira Veloso (Brazil) + Teresa Manzo Carelli (Brazil) and with 5 other Master Trainers from Brazil, Nandana & Karl with video (Germany - 1st World Congress) with Dr. Gudrun Henne (Germany), Andrea Mills with video (Germany), Karin Pätze (Germany), Cornelia Labandowsky (Germany), Christian Hanisch with video (Germany), Rudolf Metzner with Kerstin (Germany), Angela Bachfeld (Germany), Stephan Landsiedel with video (Germany), Claudia Wilimzig (Germany), Petra Owen (Germany), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (Egypt) with Ahmad Abdullah (Egypt) + Maha Zayed (Egypt), Lobna Al Sharif (Egypt) with another NLP Master Trainer from Egypt, Lilianna Kupaj with video (Poland), PROF DR HAB ALICJA GAŁĄZKA (Poland) with videoKamilla Motacki (Poland), Fernando Gil Sanllehi (Peru) with video with Fernando Gil Sanguineti with Noelia Saez (Peru), Leo Angart (Denmark) with Rebecca Szeto (China), Stephen Adler (Brazil) with Eduardo Rene Trigo (Brazil), Alexandre Bortoletto (Brazil), Suelen Petry (Brazil), Weliton Magella (Brazil), Joana Sobreiro (Portugal), Dr. Lucas Derks with video (Netherlands), Anneke Durlinger van der Horst (Netherlands), Thierry Cabrita (France), Eric Mathiasin (France/Guadeloupe), Reza Omraie (Iran), Mahdieh Heidari (Iran), Evgeny Zolotarev (Russia) with Viacheslav Balyberdin (Russia), Dr. Nada Kaiser (Croatia) with Bjanka Belamaric (Croatia), Olga Belo Marques (Belgium), Yvonne van Dyck with video (Austria), Bruce Grimley with video (Great Britain), Dr. Ricardo Saavedra (Mexico), Ronit Goldberg (Israel), Idit Joss (Israel), Dr. Richard Bolstad (New Zealand) with videoDr. Brian Cullen with Sarah (Japan), Taşkın Köksalan (Turkey)

Please find under this link videos from participants about what they want to discuss in Paris.

After login you can leave a message about your ideas for discussion in the comment section below.

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