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Dr. Brian Cullen

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Standing in Spirit is an NLP institute based in Nagoya, Japan. Our mission is to provide inspiration, change, and empowerment for people’s personal and working lives through NLP coaching, consultancy and training. <BR><BR> Standing in Spirit has a free collection of NLP resources that you may enjoy–discussion articles, NLP research and much more. Have fun! Occasionally, we come across or write little metaphors and stories that have proved useful (or at least entertaining) giving a new perspective on an issue. Was it Gregory Bateson who said that everything is a metaphor for everything else? Or is that another story? Just stepping out of the problem space and using anything that you perceive as a metaphor for your problem can provide a new perspective that allows you to see it in a new way. And NLP is all about new perspectives. Enjoy the stories!<BR><BR> Dr. Brian Cullen is the primary trainer and coach at Standing in Spirit and has lived and worked in Japan since 1991. He is a master practioner, trainer, coach and consultant of NLP. He is also certified as a life coach. He has trained with many respected NLP trainers including Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier, Suzi Smith, Michael Colgrass, Richard Bolstad, Lynn Timpany and Julia Kurusheva. Brian has a wide range of NLP experience in Japan and internationally in both personal and business applications.

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