York Bothe

York Bothe

"NLP Practitioner, IN"

"NLP Practitioner, IN"

Has achieved "NLP Practitioner, IN" at European Business Ecademy by Prof. (UCN) Dr. Christian Hanisch.

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What is mindfulness? The mental time traveler in my head and my life!

We are mental time travelers in our head. We relive the joy and, or sadness of past events in our minds and take turns simulating these episodes to find out what might have been? If I had acted differently?

What effect will acting in the past have on the future? Then, each time we jump in the other direction, into the future, when we fear or dream of what might come, we simulate different strands of our future life, hoping to determine the best course of action in the present. But do we even perceive this present? We are constantly flying back and forth in our time capsule, every day over and over again.

Mindfulness means that we get out of the time capsule, leave it to push aside the problems of the past and the supposed problems of the future, which constantly stress and determine our thoughts and ourselves. In this way we do NOT transform the problems, but we transform our relationship to our problems, we become the observer. We use the present as a gift, which presents the opportunity for ourselves, to pay attention to us, to explore us, to perceive us and to feel us. Through mindfulness, formed by attention, emotion regulation and self-consciousness I am able to manifest my self-regulation. The acquired self-understanding and the newly discovered self-love enables me to live in the here and now despite all negative influences.

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