Stephanie Philp

Stephanie Philp

"NLP Trainer, IN"

"NLP Trainer, IN"

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Steph is the 'Head' Consultant and Awakener at Inside Your Mind Ltd.

She loves nothing more than training people to use NLP and coaching people to develop more of their potential and lead a better life.

Author of 5 books and hundreds of articles

As well as her published print book, Goal Setting: 7 Principles to Achieve Remarkable Success, Stephanie has authored four eBooks; Presentations That Rock, REAL People Skills, How to Change Your Mind and The NLP Eye Accessing Cues. They are all imbued with her signature sense of humour and deep understanding of human nature. These are available from her websites at

It was so worthwhile!
"The personal growth has been just incredible. I feel like a new person! I came out of this course not just feeling so much more confident and happy and calm within myself, but also ready and excited to chase my dreams and start on my new career path. Since I finished the course I have already made significant steps towards my new career, which before would have felt impossible. NLP is very beneficial for me personally and also professionally."
Ina Meeten - New Zealand

I can't articulate the changes I've experienced adequately. 
"AMAZING, that's the best word. I am in awe of you. The magnitude of positive change that you have made in the world astonishes me!! I'm so thankful that it's your mission to teach people these amazing things."

Heather Bertrand - Professional Organiser - Canada

"I first learned about NLP 20 years ago while working with comedian Jimmy Carr in London. Taking time out to complete a course in NLP, he returned more engaged than he was before. He was happier; passionately writing comedy material and trying it out on us during our lunch hours. He followed his dreams into entertainment, trying everything from stand-up to short movies. It occurred to me that NLP creates confidence. Confidence creates opportunities. If I have any regrets in life, it’s that I did this course in my 40’s instead of my 20’s."
Stuart Hilton - Design Manager and Coach

Months of reading and research
It took me months of reading and researching NLP Practitioner Trainers in New Zealand and overseas (UK) to finally decide to train with Steph. The one-hour phone call that addressed my questions clinched the decision.

Raglan seemed quite isolated and hard to get to, as I was coming from Oamaru, however, my desire to train was larger than that concern. Steph seemed the most knowledgeable and personable of all the six I looked at over and over again in New Zealand. It was a lot of money and the decision wasn’t made lightly. Her extensive website was great in answering my questions and provided information on exactly what I’d be getting.

I have used NLP with clients in my coaching practice with great feedback. It has opened up my mind and allowed me control and direction over my own life as much as I choose.

The course was definitely value for money. The gap between courses meant we could implement the skills and cement them before adding on another layer.
Thanks, Steph! x
Jenny Malcolm - Professional Coach

I found out more about myself in those first 6 days than I have in 49 years of living.
"I found I had a lot of defences, walls and barriers up. I pushed people away. I didn’t want people to know me because I’d already made up my mind what I thought they’d think of me, which wasn’t fair to them. I think I’ve taken those barriers down — I’ve certainly hugged a lot more people than I ever have before!

The thing that stood out for me and that I enjoyed most was the reflection each morning. I’ve been on courses where we’ve had times like that. But what I enjoyed about your course was that it could go for half an hour or it could go for three hours. There was no feeling of, “OK let’s wrap this up and move on”. I felt like if it had gone all day you would have allowed that. The reflection and listening were incredible."
Marcus Deans - Manager

Powerful Role Model
"I went to Raglan to become a Master Practitioner and I left with a deeper connection to myself and to my life's work. I chose Steph for Master Practitioner because she doesn't use 'smoke and mirrors' in her training. She's real, she's relaxed and she's always fun. With Steph what you see is always what you get."

Morna Haist - Founder and CEO- Revolutionary Womxn Global -  Canada

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