"NLP Trainer, IN"

"NLP Trainer, IN"

Has achieved "NLP Trainer, IN" at Psynapse by Philippe Vernois.

"NLP Master, IN"

Has achieved "NLP Master, IN" at Psynapse by Philippe Vernois.


As far as I can remember I have always been driven by that natural impulse to help others, as if my own well-being manifested through this pulse accompany others on their way.

To be therapist today, I had an original professional pathway through the first 15 years of my professional life in prestigious media groups as the leading part. This allowed me to understand all the problems that each faces in the world of work and the importance of managing emotions, relax and learn to maintain a balance in his life. I observed that though starting from the same resources each person are not accessed in the same way, or very partially, because some people have flourished when others live a deep malaise, some are confident in life while others doubt and stagnate, some succeed where others go from failure to failure ...  

My role as a therapist and clinical psychologist is to facilitate change and to accompany each person to contact, or get back to all its potential and its unlimited resources to achieve its objectives. To do this I practice several therapeutic approaches: Sophro-analysis, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Decide now to be the CREATOR and the AUTHOR of your life, you only have one, it's up to you to live in suffering, or to live as you want deeply enjoying all your potential and all your resources. What would you do ? Who would you? ... If you could be blown (e), and you realize fully?

My experience in individual therapeutic accompaniments and my career has led me naturally to the establishment of workshops, group sessions, to the general public, professionals and businesses, in partnership with other therapists, to accompany more people in their personal development.

At your service +33 6 25 69 78 43 Stéphanie Kaczmareck

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