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Sabine Klenke

Sabine Klenke

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Vision of the Institute SILCC Sabine Klenke training | coaching | consulting is serving people and giving them a location for their personal growth and development presenting different trainings:

  • NLP-trainings of all levels - zertified by DVNLP and IN
  • trainings to become a Coach - accredited by DVNLP, IN and ECA (European Coaching Association)
  • seminars for systemic structural constellationwork (following the method of Matthias Varga von Kib├ęd and Insa Sparrer)
  • seminars of different subjects to develop potentials - for example open seminars to unfold your career.

And we work as competent trainers and coaches in companies and entreprises

  • training executives
  • iniciating processes of teamdevelopment
  • supporting teams in solving their conflicts in a manner of being partial with all involved persons
  • supervisions in teams in a solutions focussed manner
  • accompanying development processes in entreprises in a systemic way, being quality-orientated, succesbased and at the same time attentive with all involved persons

On first rank of our values we work on beeing "master of our trade" - i.e. good work and respectful contact with people, so that you - the customers - can unfold your personal and institutional potentials and possibilities. And we offer coaching for individuals for issues of different kind - of course with pleasure for women. Spirtuality often is acentuated in the Scene of NLP and used to stress marketing. We are convinced that there is no better spirituality than doing what you do with a good concentration, respect according to all people and elements involveld, with all my energy, delight and thankfulness to the best of one\'s knowledge and conscience. In this spirit we will be delighted to receive your trust. we also offer trainings and coachings in english. Please visit our (german) website

Strength of the Institute our strenghts:

  • related to practice by experience als a trainer (since 1984) and as a Coach (since 1990 and 2000)
  • working cross-linked with systemic tools and NLP
  • profound knowledge of methodes
  • careful, process orientated Struktural Constellation work orientated on the concerns of the Coachee
  • Solution focused work in different areas
  • ... working with heart, soul and mind


  • NLP-Trainings in all Levels (NLP-Practitioner, NLP-Master, NLP-Trainer)
  • Coach-Trainings
  • Systemic Structural Constellation Work - for personal issues and concerns in the field of organisation
  • Leadership Training
  • Teamworkshops

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