Sarit Lempert Shoshan
  • "NLP Master Trainer, IN"
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Sarit Lempert Shoshan

Sarit Lempert Shoshan is head of the institute: sarit lempert shoshan.

Sarit Lempert Shoshan is in cooperation with the institute: Matarot Center.

Has achieved "NLP Trainer, IN" at Matarot Center by Academic Manager Ronit Goldberg.


  • NLP
  • Life
  • Personal
  • Relationship
  • Educational
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Mentor


NLP trainer, founder of NLP school for practitioners and masters focusing on adults and youth guidance. Sarit leads courses for 14 years and practices NLP and coaching for 11 years. 

Sarit held a senior consulting position in the R&D program of the Israeli Ministry of Education, focusing on emotional intelligence, creativity, and wellbeing.

Teaches NLP to therapists, educational consultants, and managers in various sectors.

Sarit holds an arts degree from Bezalel academy of art in Jerusalem, a teaching diploma from the Ministry of Education, and a Yoga teacher certificate.

During the training of individuals and groups, Sarit incorporates creative thinking and body-mind insight with NLP methodology. 

NLP practitioner course will be opened on Oct 28th, 2019 in Kibbutz Mishmarot.

NLP practitioner for trainers working with children and youth will be opened on May 25th, 2020

Institute Addresses

  • POB 215,
    37840000 Kibutz Mishmarot,

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