Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah
Head of Phoenix for Trainings

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About Phoenix :

Phoenix is a healing centre empowered by internationally certified coaches with wide experience who are dedicated for only one mission of helping all clients to unleash the Phoenix within.
Phoenix is a legendary magical free bird. Its origin comes from the Pharaohs then the Greek folklore. It’s the size of an eagle with very radiant colours of red and yellow as it’s associated with the rising sun and fire. The Phoenix lives a long life then when it’s time for it to die, it builds a nest and burst into flames. It’s only then reborn from the ashes to start another new long life cycle. Some people even say that the newborn bird is an heir to the previous one. And some legends say that Its tears has healing powers.
Phoenix represents many themes like the sun, life, resurrection, life in the heavenly paradise and the exceptional man.
Here we believe that everyone of us has a Phoenix inside that needs to be unleashed.

What We Do:

• Coaching Trainings and services
• NLP Trainings
• Reiki Trainings and services
• Enneagram services
• Family Constellation services
• Miscellaneous Healing Workshops
• Energy Solutions for houses and work places

Our Team:

Ahmad Abdullah

NLP Master Trainer
Coach Master Trainer
Reiki Master Teacher
Hypnosis Master Trainer

Enneagram Master
IATC Certified Trainer

Our Accreditations:

We are internationally accredited from the following institutes:

• International NLP Institutes, Germany (IN)
• International Coaching Institutes, Germany (ICI)
• Human Resources Development Academy, England (HRDA)
• International Academy for Training and Consulting, USA (IATC)
• International NLP Trainers Association, USA (INLPTA)

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