Next NLP Leadership Summit is in Alicante Jan. 12-14 in 2018

The last NLP Leadership Summit in Alicante was in January 2016.

One of the outcomes was the book: "Powered by NLP"
On page 63-71 is an article from Karl Nielsen with the "Wheel of NLP", "NLPsy", "NLP in 5 Waves" and "NLPhil".

The website of the NLP Leadership Summit:

The next meeting in Alicante is from January 12-14 in 2018.

Membership criteria are:
- Minimum of 15 years in the field of NLP (plus as special guests with 5 years+)
- Recognised as a Leader in NLP (we define Leaders as “Leading others to NLP” versus standing on the apex)
- Willing to agree to stand for What we Stand For - see
- Willing to agree to stand for our Manifesto - see

We highly recommend the membership. It is free of costs. Please use the contact form:

Here what L. Michael Hall wrote, summarizing the meeting in Alicante 2016:
"It will go down as a truly Historical Event in the history of NLP." Read more:

Last updated on 2018-02-12