IN ICI WHO questionnaires for scientifically captering training benefits

Use scientific feedback methods
to capture, present and communicate your successes
in a structured and evidence-based way

During the NLP Leadership Summit and the day after Christian, Philippe, Virginie, Karl and Leo worked in Alicante on the development of a feedback questionnaire for scientifically researching the expectations and benefits of seminar participants regarding NLP seminars. We dreamed about what we could write on our websites as scientifically researched benefits of our trainings. We asked each other what our participants keep telling us about how our trainings supported them to realize their goals and to enjoy life. We had so many inspiring examples from our daily experience. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to document this scientifically through a proper feedback process using questionnaires?

Here the fruits of our work:
We have as well German translations of the questionnaires:


Last updated on 2018-03-20