Mor Duani
  • "NLP Master Trainer, IN"
  • Entitled to seal
Mor Duani

Mor Duani is head of the institute: Mor Duani Institut.

Mor Duani is in cooperation with the institute: Matarot Center.

Has achieved "NLP Trainer, IN" at Matarot Center by Academic Manager Ronit Goldberg.


NLP Trainer Practitioner.

mBit practitioner.

Bs.c. nutritionist, natural medicine (naturopathy), chinese medicine.

focusing, mindfulness, guided imagery.

shiatsu, Bars Access.

Body-mind therapist

I love people and to work with people. 

I bring a soft and round and soft, yet certain tratment, guidance to the people i work with.

my specialities are health problems ( digestive system, menopause, depression and body imbalance), stress and trascending situations ( divorce, sexual challenges).

I teach NLP courses and workshops

Institute Addresses

  • Ha Galil 34,
    Kefar Saba,

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