Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour
Mr. Mohamed El Ghandour

Has achieved "NLP Practitioner, IN" at The Field Of Awakening by Abdul-Rahman Abdullah.


  • NLPsych
  • NLP
  • Life
  • Personal
  • Relationship
  • Conflict
  • Educational
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Burnout
  • Team
  • Project
  • Transitional
  • Stress
  • Mental
  • Mentor
  • Spiritual
  • Systemic
  • Hypnosis


Integral Consciousness Development Coaching Approach:

A NON-Judgmental environment. 
It's a Multi-disciplinary humanistic laboratory for change, a place for personal renewal, in a non-judgmental environment in which multiple approaches to the psyche could be explored. 

A process of learning and development that combines an individual's: 
Mental, Physical, Social, Emotional and Spiritual growth. 
A forms of alternative education that are based on the humanistic approach. Its premise is that an individual finds purpose and meaning in life through connections to the natural world, the community and through humanitarian value systems. 

Promoting an eclectic application of philosophies; Programs utilizing both Eastern and Western techniques; NLP, NLPsy (Psychology), NLPhy (Philosophy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Meditation, Deep Democracy, Gestalt therapy, Spirituality, Wisdom of the Enneagram, Soufism approaches, Visualization, Quantum Physics, Reiki, BioGeometry Energy approaches, among other innovative techniques to help clients explore the various aspects of their personality, inviting them on a fantasy tour of their own “Theater of the Inside”. 

​Self-Discovery, Self-Acceptance, Accepting the “Is-ness” of the Life forces of the Divine , balancing our “BEING” with our “DOING”, allows us to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives, riding life laws of Growth.  

The holistic viewpoint is based on the premise that a system as a whole will determine how its individual components act.

As a development method, attempts to integrate and encompass multiple layers of experience and meaning rather than placing a narrow focus on an individual's potential and possibilities. The holistic approach to learning is a transformation of one's frames of reference in relation to the whole, rather than a system based on individual existence approach to things. 

Personal Addresses

  • 1 Yaman st. Dokki,
    12311 Giza, Cairo,

Institute Addresses

  • 1 Yaman st. Dokki (beside Embassy of Saudi Arabia),
    12311 Giza, Cairo,

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