Dr. Franz Korbinian Huetter

Dr. Franz Korbinian Huetter

"NLP Master Trainer, IN"

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Dr. Franz Korbinian Huetter is head of the institute: BRAIN-HR.

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About Dr. Franz Korbinian Huetter

Franz Huetter, M.A. studied language and literature in Munich focussing on the cognitive psychology of language. This field of research put him in contact with neuroscience in the early 90s, which hence became one of his main areas of expertise. After graduating from the Munich Ludwig-Maximilians-University with a Master’s degree and completing a research project he joined an Automotive IT company as a consultant in communications and strategy. He earned degrees as a trainer’s trainer, as a master-coach and as a practitioner of psychotherapy (HPG). Franz Huetter is now the head of BRAIN-HR, a training institute dedicated to providing applied translational science to management, to human resource development professionals, and to the consulting business. BRAIN-HR’s main focus lies on the implications of neurosciences for leadership, corporate education, organizational development, change management and coaching. Franz Huetter teaches Applied Cognitive Neuroscience and soft skills at the University of Applied Management in Ismaning and works as a research scientist in the field of psychological genetics at the University Hospital in Essen, Germany.

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