Robert Dilts
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Robert Dilts

Robert Dilts ist Leiter eines erfahrenen Institutes: NLP University International.


  • NLPsych
  • NLP
  • Life
  • Personal
  • Gesundheit
  • Beziehung
  • Konflikt
  • Bildung
  • Sport
  • Business
  • Führungskräfte
  • Burnout
  • Team
  • Projekt
  • Veränderung
  • Stress
  • Neuro
  • Mental
  • Mentor
  • Spirituell
  • Systemisch
  • Hypnose


Recognized internationally as one of the foremost developers, trainers and practitioners of Neuro-Lingustic Programming (What is NLP?), Robert has done consulting and training throughout the world to a wide variety of professional groups and organizations. He has lectured extensively on NLP, making presentations and giving keynote addresses for distinguished academic institutions and major corporations around the world.

Robert is also the author of 19 books, several monographs and over 2 dozen articles on NLP, including The Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding, (co-authored with Judith DeLozier), The Hero's Journey: a Voyage of Discovery (co-authored with Stephen Gilligan) and his most recent book, NLP II: The Next Generation (co-authored with Judith DeLozier and Deborah Bacon Dilts). Robert's other publications are listed here.

Here you may see where Robert offers trainings:

Here his famous Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding

  • 1603 pages of text and illustrations
  • definitions of core NLP concepts
  • fundamental techniques and models
  • practical techniques for daily life
  • hands-on exercises and activities
  • biographical entries for NLP contributors
  • historical influences on key NLP ideas
  • exemplars who served as the initial models
  • fields and disciplines related to NLP
  • tables, charts, worksheets, questionnaires
  • bibliography of reference texts
  • comprehensive index with cross-references

You will be able to access online for free up to 25 pages per day and you may order the printed Encyclopedia on this website:


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    CA 95067-7448 Scotts Valley,
    Vereinigte Staaten

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