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Daniel Bichis
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Vision of the Institute We dream to live in a world where the main goal of the life is to fully express the creative potential existing in every human being. A world where emotions and thinking work together and fusion, in order to enforce and deepen our experiences, both in the real and the inner realms. A world where each and everyone is accountable for own wellbeing and watches on ecology of his/her relations with others. By mixing the force of NLP with the sensitivity of emotional intelligence, this vision could be achieved quicker, by promoting the wellness, holistic awareness, compassion, presence and flow in all human experiences. Therefore, we are using NLP and emotional intelligence for: • increasing flexibility, enlarging awareness and connecting to intention, • integrating sub-personalities and advancing on path of individuation, • discovering and expressing the inner sources of true happiness and fulfillment, • creating the fusion between our body, emotions, thoughts and spirit, • exploring and integrating transpersonal levels of being.

Strength of the Institute 1. Large spectrum of certifications (IN/ICI, IANLP & SNLP) 2. Continuous improvement of curricula (i.e. in 2014 we are launching the 4-th revision of our NLP Coach training) 3. State of the art information and techniques, originating from all major contributors to NLP 4. Evidence-based approach, using recent developments in neurosciences and behavioral sciences 5. Passion for excellence and dedication for the full expression of human potential

Data and Facts • Over 320 certified NLP Practitioners & Business NLP Practitioners • Over 160 certified Master-Practitioners & Business NLP Master-Practitioners • Over 50 certified NLP Associate Coaches and 5 NLP Professional Coaches • First Institute in Romania to offer a 21-day long curriculum for both Practitioner and Master-Practitioner trainings • Only Institute in Romania to offer Business NLP Practitioner & Master-Practitioner trainings • Only Institute offering IN/ICI, IANLP & SNLP certificates

Completed trainings 15 editions of Practitioner NLP 7 editions of Master NLP 5 editions of Business NLP Practitioner 1 edition of Business NLP Master-Practitioner 1 edition of NLP Coach 3 editions of NLP Associate Coach 1 edition of NLP Professional Coach

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