Connect to Joyfulness in 3 Seconds

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Karl Nielsen

Karl Nielsen

"NLP Master Trainer, IN"

Connect to Joyfulness in 3 Seconds

The main idea is that JOYFULNESS is always present somewhere in your body. There are always some of your 37 Trillion cells full of joy. 37 Trillions are 37000000000000 cells. Many of them are for sure happy. They all live inside you, each one with an own intelligence, communicating with each other, allowing you to see, hear, fell, taste, smell, think, move, remember, be grateful, join the club,... You are such an awesome being, full of precious treasures, gems, miracles,... So how about connecting to joyful happy cells inside you and spreading their wonderful energy by sharing it with all the others? You are the MASTER of this inner Universe of 37 Trillion cells. Your conscious mind has the potential to connect with all these cells. Meditation supports this process of connecting inside and of becoming aware of this huge inner realm, empire, kingdom, wealth, abundance - however you like to call it. The doors are wide open to this inner heaven and paradise. You have this ability to connect to your inner Joyfulness within seconds.

How to do it: Go here and now with your awareness inside and ask for one second this miracle question: "Where is a joyful feeling?". Then in the next second open the doors in your focus and awareness for the feelable answer from inside. And in the third second deeply connect with the reaction from your inside. That's the way to connect in 3 seconds to your inner joyfulness. This joyfulness is always there. The only question is how fast and aware you are to listen. And if you do not receive the full power the first times you do this exercise - never never never give up - practice makes perfect! This precious joyfulness is always your option and choice. The more awareness you practice the more access to your joyfulness will be there for you. The main challenge of this exercise is to stay in the here and now, stopping any thoughts and connect with the feeling. After a while it goes even faster and you will have instant joyfulness inside whenever you like.

Options: Some people call it their soul, others the core of their being, others their true nature. I wonder what it is for you. Some people connect to this feeling and spread it inside and outside. Some do this before they go to sleep and the first thing when they wake up. Some train it by waiting for a moment before they intend to do something and ask if there is anything inside being happy about doing this in a second. Before you eat an apple you can ask if there is anything inside joyful about starting to eat an apple in a moment. This can be done with every action you plan to do in the next moment. It heightens your awareness. Enjoy and be happy. Joyfulness is Happiness. And Happiness is the truth!

Happiness is the truth.

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Martina Tönnishoff and Judith Nachtwey

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