Master of Pharmacy Amina Beganović

Master of Pharmacy Amina Beganović

"NLP Practitioner, IN"

  • Member since Mar 5, 2024
  • Country Bosnia & Herzegovina

"NLP Practitioner, IN"

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Formal education: 

Integrated Study I+II Cycle: Master of Pharmacy

Faculty of Philosophy (Pedagogy, Psychology, Methodology, Didactics): Professor

NLP & Coaching Academy by Adisa Tufo: NLP Practicioner IN

Non-Formal Education and volunteer engagement:

Volunteering with children from socially vulnerable families - Udruženje za prevenciju ovisnosti NARKO NE; 2018. - 2023.

Cycle of workshops in nutrition "Change habits - Change life" - Centar za edukaciju i istraživanje NAHLA; 2019. 

Education "Young Leaders" (Media literacy, Communication skills, Stress and time management) - Udruženje Svitanje; 2019. 



My experience about "NLP Practitioner, IN"

"Learning is to rejoice in yourself."
Phenomenal experience. NLP gave me techniques for an easier, more successful and more beautiful life. The tools I learned have improved my work and personal life, my interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. Through the exercises we went through with mentor Adisa Tufo, we got practical examples of how to use all NLP tools in everyday life, no matter what aspect of life it is.
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