Zorica Plavšić

Zorica Plavšić

"NLP Master, IN"

"NLP Master, IN"

Has achieved "NLP Master, IN" at Power of Communication Institute by Tatjana Vojtehovski.

"NLP Practitioner, IN"

Has achieved "NLP Practitioner, IN" at Power of Communication Institute by Tatjana Vojtehovski.

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About Zorica Plavšić

Hello! I'm Zorica Plavšić, a passionate HR and marketing consultant with a knack for connecting talent with opportunities. With a background in headhunting, I excel at finding the perfect fit for businesses and professionals. I believe in the power of human connections and their impact on the business landscape.

🚀 My expertise lies in crafting LinkedIn strategies that drive real results. As an NLP Practitioner, I understand the nuances of effective communication and how it can make or break your professional journey.

📘 I've authored an e-book titled "BE No.1 ON LINKEDIN," where I share my insights and strategies for conquering the LinkedIn platform.

📈 My passion for networking and growth has led me to establish Agency Boost Business, where we help businesses thrive through innovative strategies.

🤝 Let's connect and explore the possibilities of working together. Whether you're a professional seeking the next career step or a business looking to boost your presence, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.

Feel free to reach out and let's build meaningful connections and drive your success to new heights! 🧲

My experience about "NLP Practitioner, IN"

Greetings! I'm Zorica Plavšić , a certified NLP Practitioner who completed my training at the prestigious PCI Institute under the guidance of Tatjana Vojtahovski in Serbia. The knowledge I gained from her as my instructor is truly invaluable, and the insights I've acquired through this journey are of immeasurable importance.

The PCI Institute exceeded all expectations with its professionalism and meticulous planning, leaving me without a single complaint. The NLP Practitioner certification has been a transformative experience, propelling me forward and igniting my passion for a mission I believe is crucial.

🚀 With this newfound expertise, I am determined to pursue my mission. I am committed to making a positive impact and believe it's a journey that must be undertaken.

📚 I continually build upon my NLP skills and insights, honing them to serve others better and more effectively.

🤝 Let's connect and explore how I can assist you in your journey. Whether you're seeking personal growth, professional development, or new horizons in your life, I am here to help you achieve your goals.
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