Anneke Durlinger-van der Horst
Anneke Durlinger-van der Horst
Head of Tjoys NLP- training & coaching

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In 1995 I started my business: Tjoys NLP-training, coaching & consulting. Tjoys in it's core stands voor joy of living. The word ‘tjoys’ in it's whole stands for choice. And in this is woven the word toy that stands for playing, playfulness. As Master trainer NLP IN (also fellow member trainer IA-NLP) I conduct the NLP-trainerstraining (20 days and 10 evenings), internationally certified by IA-NLP.

Each year I conduct a NLP practitionerstraining, a NLP masterpractitionerstraining, Introduction workshop on NLP, a 10 day NLP teamfacilitatorstraining and the 20 days NLP trainerstraining. I have several open workshops: How to energetically work with groups? And Authenticity: How do you do that? I also work in and with companies on Mission and vision, strategy development and team coaching. I am specialized in applying NLP in groups: using (the somatic essences and syntax of) metaprograms; uncovering vision and mission, transformation of beliefs and creating alignment. For sensory equity I am inspired by The twelve senses of Albert Soesman. I am also inspired by the Kosmos Philosophy of the Andes. I am also a mBIT master coach (multiple Brain Integration Techniques)

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