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Leo Angart: Vision Training as NLP Applied Modelling Project

Last updated on 2018-12-07


International Systemic Constellation Master Trainer Rebecca Szeto

"NLP Master Trainer, IN"


Vision of the Institute To provide world class NLP training and to develop new applications of NLP.

Strength of the Institute Quality, Highest standards, finding the difference that makes the differnece.

Data and Facts Foundation of Institute: 1983 in Berlin, Germany Management of Institute: Evelyne Maaß & Karsten Ritschl Member of the IN since: Februar 2001 Status of the member in the IN: founder member

Completed trainings NLP Practitioner trainings has been offered since 1996 and NLP Master Practioner trainings since 1997. International guest trainers included Judith DeLozier, Robert McDonald, Stehen Gilligan Ph.D. Ernest Rossi Ph.D. and many others.

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