Rudolf Metzner
Rudolf Metzner
Head of Metzner Consulting

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Vision of the Institute make potentials accessible - develop abilities - ensure future

Strength of the Institute NLP diagnostic tools for organisational development NLP terms and concepts for the business context Coaching ┬ľ strategy, business development, branding, Organisational development Tailord NLP-business Applications International certification (NLP-IN, DVNLP) Special applications, learning- and educational programs

Data and Facts Foundation of Institute: 1994 in Ingolstadt, Germany Management of Institute: Rudolf Metzner & Hildegard Metzner Member of the IN since: Februar 2001 Status of the member in the IN: founder member

Completed trainings NLP-Basis-Training: 25 NLP-Practitioner-Training: 12 NLP-Master-Training: 8 NLP-Trainer-Education: 2 Coach-Training: 3

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