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Mauricio de Freitas

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Vision of the Institute Inside You - Human and Business Development seeks to be a world reference for quality, innovation and performance in training and services offered to promote individuals and companies development. In other words, Inside You seeks to be recognized by the global community as the best option for the quality of its services and co-workers and customer relationship. Strength of the Institute The strength of the Institute lies in the combination of both experience and innovation. Founded on July 12, 2012, it has been delivering high quality training courses, lectures, consulting and individual assistance, in the areas of coaching, NLP and other similar methods. Why Inside You? The name Inside You was chosen to express how much we believe in you. We know that "inside you" is the raw material needed for a full life. We also know that there is an inner greatness that has not yet been fully discovered and experienced by you and we are proud to have the honor to facilitate this process of self-realization. IN - Being aware of market trends, we put you up to date with the most modern and effective techniques ever created for personal and professional development. SIDE - We are always at your side offering a wide range of resources to support the development of your inner potential. YOU - We know that you have untapped wealth within you and we are here to assist you to undertake this amazing journey. The name Inside You is because we believe in you so much!