Dr. Lucas Derks: Mental Space Psychology & Social Panorama
A development based on NLP

Mental Space Psychology and the Society for Mental Space Psychology are the latest developments of Dr. Lucas Derks. Before this he developed from 1993 on his model of “Social Panorama” , which is now part of Mental Space Psychology. The connection between the pragmatic field of NLP with social psychology has become his mayor activity over the last decade.

The Social Panorama model is a social psychological instrument with which it is possible to change the unconscious map of relational reality in people’s mind for making their live easier. In this model, interpersonal relationships are explained as cognitive constructions in mental space. Therefore, it is possible to project people and the relationships onto a mental location. This location determines the quality of the relationship. Problems with intimate relationships, self-confidence, conflicts, power, families, teams, and organizations can be relatively easily analyzed and solved with the help of the social panorama model.

His Social Panorama book has 379 pages, divided in eight chapters. This book combines research, theory and practice. It is 21rst century social psychology: unconscious social cognition. Chapter one deals with personification theory. Chapter two with the spatial nature of social representation. Chapter three focusses on the self-experience. Chapter four clarifies social power. Chapter five is on groups and politics. Chapter six connects family structures with social personality traits and the changing thereof. Chapter seven has spirituality as its subject matter. And chapter eight connects the social panorama to teams, teaching and training. More:

Dr. Lucas Derks gives lectures and trainings on Mental Space Psychology & Social Panorama all over the world.

You may find as well many videos about his work on his approach on YouTube:
and on his website:

He studied at the UCN:

Here you may find his dissertation in Psychology with a focus in Neurolinguistic Psychology (NLP) regarding Social Panorama:
What cognitive psychotherapies - like CBT, NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy - reveal about the mind. A theoretical analysis over 35 years of clinical experimentation.

The dissertation is as well available as book under the new title: "Mental Space Psychology", in the webshop on his website for 24,90 Euros:

About the Author:

Dr. Lucas A.C. Derks

Last updated on 2020-03-08

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