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GOALS: - Help People to Observe and Decode Body Language and Micro Expressions - Empower People with Powerful Body Language - Inspire People & Organizations to achieve Optimum Results - Being Authentic, achieve my True Potential - Live a Happy Life Experience with all my family In the beginning, as a longtime Sport & Fitness enthusiast with a Degree in Sports Sciences, my number one goal was to transfer High Performance Tools to Business. So... I applied different Sports Peak Performance Techniques to the teams I had the privilege to lead in the Corporate World. My practical experience at SONAE (as Business Director), the Master in Organizational Behavior and the Executive MBA, lead me to understand that in order to leverage my Leadership Skills to the next level I must do more than just help to deliver results... I must also contribute to help people to unleash their true potential. In order to accomplish this aim I had to learn how to develop a more Transformational, Servant kind of Leadership. I also understood that a strong knowledge in non-verbal\'s is a very important key to build a solid trust in organizations and more authentic relationships. I’ve been honored to lead more than 900 people at SONAE and I’m grateful that I could apply powerful Coaching, NLP and Non-Verbal (body language & micro expressions) tools, which supported the development of REAL Leaders that are passionate to get the best from each person and extremely focused in inspiring others to deliver maximum results. Nowadays, I\'m sharing this knowledge with Leaders and Teams in different companies. I\'m also Training People in general, how to be in charge of their own lives, unleash their true potential mainly throughout Body Language and Micro Expressions.

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